Frequently Asked Questions

We are a web development, web based software development, Travel portal development and mobile application development firm based in Capital city of India, providing customized web development, Travel portal development, software development and mobile application solutions to businesses.

Most of the customers would be thinking on the budget front to explore in the market as the proposal would be based on number of XML/GDS/API integration and features that we would be integrating The Budget includes, Layout, Design, Framework, HTML Conversion, Development, Integration, Testing & Deployment, Kindly mail us to for more information.

Development time would be based on the feature/module requirement and number of XML/GDS/API integration of the portal, normally It will take 3 months or more depends on client requirements.

We use Microsoft .net, MS Sql, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax... Mostly customers prefers Microsoft .Net as its user friendly and secure.

Most of the Travel Companies want to integrate One or Two XMl for their business, but as many XML's you integrate to the travel portal, that much you and your customers will benefit as you will have access to global Inventory for various products.